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    Maxwell Ultracapacitor Wind Energy Solutions

    Maxwell ultracapacitors enable engineers to design-in solutions into wind systems that optimize energy, efficiency, performance, reliability and cycle life that were not available before. For over a century, our world has been powered by carbon fuels. In recent years, concerns about global warming and the harmful effects of fuel emissions has created new demands for cleaner and sustainable energy sources such as wind. Today, you will find Maxwell’s durable, maintenance-free ultracapacitors in thousands of wind turbines worldwide.

    Wind turbine operators need systems they can depend on such as Maxwell ultracapacitors that perform reliably for years in all weather conditions with zero or minimal maintenance. Maxwell ultracapacitors have demonstrated their durability and reliability at temperatures ranging from -40° to +65° C, which enables electric pitch control systems to meet the grueling wind energy expectations under virtually any conditions. Implementing an ultracapacitor solution provides a versatile, green and maintenance-free energy that delivers power bursts safely and reliably for more than a million cycles and virtually eliminates site visits to change out batteries.

    Download our Ultracapacitor Wind Application Brief

    Maxwell Ultracapacitor Wind Quick Facts:


    • Reduces lifetime maintenance costs
    • Durable and reliable with over a million cycles
    • Eliminates reliance on batteries or maintenance issues with hydraulic systems
    • High performance in all weather conditions from -40° to +65° C, especially for off-shore installations

    Maxwell Ultracapacitor Wind Applications:

    Maxwell ultracapacitors produce efficient and reliable power at the right price for wind energy applications, including these solutions:

    • Ultracapacitors Used for Wind Turbine Pitch Control Systems
      Ultracapacitors provide burst power for electric blade pitch control systems to ensure rotor speed remains within a safe operating range and/or optimize wind turbine output. The long life and maintenance-free capability make ultracapacitors the lowest lifecycle cost and most reliable power backup solution for pitch control systems. Pitch systems from 750KW to 6MW and up must be guaranteed to operate across broad temperature ranges and wind conditions. An added benefit is that the same ultracapacitor system can provide general backup power for the dc-dc link.
    • Ultracapacitors for Voltage Regulation and VARS Support
      Ultracapacitors excellent cycling and power capability make them ideal energy storage for improving power quality output of individual wind turbines or full wind farms. As wind conditions vary, the power output and resulting voltage levels can vary up to 10% of the average output power. Ultracapacitors absorb energy to keep voltage spikes down, release energy to prevent dropouts to smooth voltage to the grid. As most events are milliseconds up to a minute, ultracapacitors provide the most cost-effective, maintenance-free solution for power quality issues.

    Maxwell Ultracapacitor Wind Customer Applications:

    • Hawaiian Electric Company
    • Palmdale Water District Power System
    • Electronic Shock Absorber

    Maxwell Ultracapacitor Wind Energy Products:

    Maxwell offers one of the most comprehensive ultracapacitor product lines for the wind energy industry.

    • 16V Modules
      From 58F to 500F, cost effective modules can be built up to custom voltages and power levels for pitch control.
    • 75V Wind Turbine Module
      Used in wind turbine pitch drive systems and double as backup for dc-dc links.
    • D Cells and K2 Cells
      Cell products allow custom designed systems for pitch control and backup power.

    Our commitment is to help our worldwide customers design and implement ultracapacitor solutions for existing and unique wind energy needs.

    Ultracapacitors for Wind Turbines

    Maxwell ultracapacitors are compact, high-performance, exceptionally long-life and fulfill many of the functions of batteries but with dramatically higher reliability, and are virtually impervious to any climate condition.

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